Water Extraction

Water Extraction Services for Stuart, PSL and Ft. Pierce

From broken water heater leaks to storms and excessive rain, from burst pipes to natural flooding, water damage can really upset your routine and impact your life.

To Clean or To Remove?
Water extraction is the process of permanently removing water and water damage from any source in the home or office via cleaning, drying and or removal. If the cause of the wetness is unknown, the first step is to locate and address the source of the moisture in order to prevent a repeat of the problem.

Proper research and investigation is crucial in making decisions on the treatment of water damaged materials. Mold can easily form, grow and thrive on wet building materials. Flood damage, leaking pipes, roof leaks, window leakage, even splashing and condensation can cause accidental water damage. Rapid Leak Detection can help you decide whether
to attempt to clean the damaged area or eliminate the damaged material completely. For the integrity of your home and safety of your family or employees, you should deal with a professional water damage extraction company like Rapid Leak Detection.

Our professional extractors can help you with:

  • Dry wall damage
  • Wet carpeting
  • Soaked flooring
  • Water stains
  • Particle board
  • Rusting steel
  • Plywood

Suffered Water Damage? What You Should Do…

It is recommended that you use caution when attempting to repair water damage homes and buildings. IMPORTANT: Unless you are qualified to deal with risks associated with extensive water damage and potential mold growth, you should rely on a qualified professional to assess the situation and make recommendations for you. Stuart, PSL and Fort Pierce also have county and city regulations that you must abide by in making any structural changes to your home or business.

Don’t take water damage into your own hands, put your trust in the professionals at Rapid Leak Detection. Call us for a free assessment and estimate today. Serving Fort Pierce, Stuart and Port St. Lucie