Toilet Leaks

Toilet Leaking? Hire an Expert!
Clogged and leaky toilets are a serious problem. They can drive water bills high, generate an excessive water loss, and increase flow to the sewer system. Not to mention…they can ruin your day ( or night ! ). That’s why Rapid Leak Detection is here to serve you, 24 / 7 with emergency repair service to fix toilet clogs, leaks and overflow serving Stuart, PSL and Fort Pierce, Florida. EMERGENCY? CALL US FOR A FREE INSTANT QUOTE! INSERT PHONE HERE

What’s causing the problem?

There is often no visible way to immediately detect a leak and repair it until it has become a serious problem. Leaks may occur because of an overflowing pipe. There are also instances where the flap valve or plunger ball located in the tank can become defective. The best way to see if there’s leakage is to have a professional utilize leak detectors in order to easily locate the source of the drip ( or flood ). Of course if you are DIY, you can first try to remove the tank lid and flush the toilet. Once completed, the water level should return to about a half inch below the overflow pipe. If not, you can adjust the float to insure the water level is properly set. Need HELP with your toilet? Call Rapid – 24 / 7 service! 888.998.9035

The Silent Drip…

Unfortunately, most toilet leaks are silent. This is often the result of the aforementioned flap valve or plunger ball having an improper seating. Now this is a leak that can be difficult to locate. That’s because there may not be an obvious indication of water flowing into the drain. In this case, a good approach to locating the leak is dropping a tiny amount of food coloring into the tank. Let it settle for at least 10 minutes. During this period, the toilet should not be utilized and definitely should not be flushed.

When the time has elapsed, see if the food coloring still appears in the toilet bowl. If it does, there’s a silent leak. If you’re already confident the tank’s overflow pipe isn’t the culprit, the leak is likely the result of an improperly seating plunger or flap valve. Need help in PSL, Fort Pierce or Stuart? STOP THE LEAK!! Call Rapid today! 888.998.9035

This type of leak can typically be repaired with parts from the local hardware or plumbing store. Of course, you need to be absolutely sure that this is the cause of the leak. We have seen many instances where the problem was only magnified because the cause of the leak was misdiagnosed. Now a small problem has become a huge and costly one.

Unless you can say with no doubt you know how to correct the problem, we would advise you get professional help like the toilet repair experts here at Rapid. Our technicians will use non-invasive leak detection tools and solutions to accurately gauge what the problem is. They will do whatever’s necessary to save you water and avoid property damage, all while saving you money. The fact is even the smallest leak can be found and corrected promptly if the person knows what they’re doing. When in doubt, leave leak detection to the experts and save yourself headaches, resources and money.

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