Sewer Overflow

Do You Have a Sewer Overflow?debbie-sewer

Is Your Shower Backed Up? Drains Not Draining?
Are your pipes gurgling? ( talking back to you ). If so, you are about to experience a sewage backup! Chances are, you may have a stopped up drain related to a sewer back up causing raw sewage to back up into your home.

A Sewer Back Up is a Serious Problem.
Not only can back ups can cause water damage to your carpet, walls, furniture etc.
but if the damage is not treated properly then infectious diseases caused by the bacteria, sewage residue and mold left behind could occur. It’s a sanitation and potential health problem for you and your family. That’s why you should rely on the flood / overflow professionals at Rapid Industries to detect, repair and treat your home or office after a sewer overflow. We have many years of
experience in the Stuart, Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce areas and are ready to HELP YOU!

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Think You Can Fix It Yourself?
You may be handy with many things, but clearing drains and repairing water damage without the proper tools, equipment ( and training! ) can do permanent damage. A trained, licensed and insured professional is best equipped to handle a problem of this kind.
Our certified technicians use microbial solutions and thermal imaging processes to determine humidity and
water saturation, drywall water creepage etc. In addition, we use professional drying methods, dehumidifiers,
blowers and mold prevention.

Don’t Delay The Clean Up!
Start improving the unsanitary conditions immediately by contacting us at 772.879.5056
right away so we can immediately begin the water extraction process and commence with our
multi-staged water drying procedures. We can also provide you with useful tips to help you
prevent further damage prior to our arrival ( 30 minutes or less typically! )

Call Rapid. We’re here to HELP! 772.879.5056 24 / 7 EMERGENCY SERVICE!
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