Flood Warning Signs

3 Flood Warning Signs – Be Prepared!

Few things in this world are as damaging as Mother Nature, and flooding is no exception. Water can carve through solid rock given time or pressure, and in its path, it can uproot trees and level areas, so what do you think it can do to your Port St. Lucie home? Flooding in the home presents an extra problem, however: mold. To avoid flood hazards and avoid costly repairs, here are a few tips that can help warn you to keep your Stuart area house secure.

Watch the Weather

In Florida, hurricanes can dump inordinate amounts of rain into an area with little warning and even less heed for where that water winds up. Before and after any catastrophic event, inspect your home for signs of leaks. Moisture isn’t just present in pools of water; look for warping on your wood, which is often a sign of water damage. To begin with, feel along your pipes for any moisture, and if you notice anything at all suspicious, have a professional assess the situation.


Check for Mold

Mold requires moisture to form, and it’s most likely to occur after a flood. Many molds are toxic, which presents a clear threat to you and your loved ones. Mold is often first detected by the musty, dank smell accompanying it, but you may notice coloring in areas you’ve never seen it before. Mold isn’t limited to black or green either; molds can come in many colors ranging from white to orange, so if you see something unusual in your home, have an expert like our Rapid Leak Detection mold remediation specialists check it out. The trouble is, you often can’t see or detect mold unless you are an expert, so don’t take a chance on your family’s health, Call Rapid at 772.879.5066 and we’d be happy to come out to look for any mold warning signs at your property.

Be a Meter Maid

For some homeowners, the first sign of a leak and potential flood warning is the excessive water bill. For flooding under the foundation, you may have little warning until you check the mail. Get into the habit of checking your meter regularly, and monitor any spikes in usage.

Regardless of what the source of flooding is, you need to contact a flood remediation specialist like Rapid Leak Detection as soon as possible. Flooding damages the integrity of your home, and it invites toxic compounds into your living space. A qualified professional can detect leaks before they become a major issue and can dry and clean an area post-flood to prevent mold growth. If you’re in the Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce or Stuart, Florida areas and have noticed any of these warning signs, contact Rapid Leak Detection today!!