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In Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce and other towns in coastal Florida, flood water damage is a frequent problem requiring immediate action. Failure to repair such damage will result in a worsening of the problem, and future repairs will only be more expensive. In most cases, the repair job will be far beyond the abilities of the homeowner.

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Don’t DIY On Something This Important
Too many homeowners try to empty water and repair damage to their homes by themselves, resulting in frustration, greater mess and a bigger repair job. When the initial damage has occurred, it is imperative to call a professional flood restoration company like Rapid Leak Detection as soon as possible, since waiting even a few hours allows water to seep into more spaces and cause further damage. Flood water restoration is much easier if it starts immediately after the damage is inflicted.

Water damage is particularly hard on wood, and a few hours can make a big difference. When a wooden structure is flooded, severe warping of boards can happen quickly. The warping can rip loose nails and baseboards, allowing further seepage into walls and understructure. Delay in calling a professional flood damage restoration company can result in water entering foundations, ductwork and other areas.

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Beware of Electrical Issues!
If you suspect that water has reached the home’s wiring, the power must be turned off at the main switch until a professional flood damage service has inspected the property. If water has entered automotive areas or places where cleaning supplies were stored, the homeowner should be careful not to enter the water. Sometimes strong solvents and petroleum products can get mixed with flood water, resulting in a harmful mix of chemicals.

A professional flood restoration company like our certified team here at Rapid Leak Detection of Port St. Lucie can inspect your property and formulate an effective plan of clean-up and repair. We can remove water and debris faster than an amateur because we have the equipment and know-how the job requires ( not to mention extensive experience, intensive training and state certification! ). If water is penetrating walls or floors, a professional can stop it and start the repair process more quickly than the average homeowner can. So don’t ‘Do It Yourself’ with something this critical to the future of your family – call Rapid Leak Detection today!

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