Flood Proofing

Helpful Tips to Flood Proof Your Home

As a resident of the great state of Florida, you will likely want to do all that you can to protect your home from water damage. By following some simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to flood-proofing your residence. As accomplished professionals in the field, we recommend action in a few key areas:

Construct Exterior Barriers

You should strongly consider installing barriers in low-lying areas. Natural levees and berms, for example, may help you protect and flood proof your house from weather during a particularly bad rain event. Properly landscaped areas can also help with drainage issues.

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Protect the Foundation of the House

In many cases, buying waterproof doors and windows can make a huge difference. You may even wish to elevate your door thresholds, which will help with minor flood events. If a flood appears to be imminent, you might also add sealants to the exterior foundation.

Be Aware of Tropical Weather Patterns

Anyone living near the Florida coast will need to keep a close eye on the prevailing weather patterns, especially during the late summer months. Tropical storms and hurricanes can develop quickly, and the associated storm surge can flood inland areas. To determine if you are at risk, consult a storm-surge map for your immediate region.

Look for Signs of Leaks

Floods, of course, can also come from within. Broken pipes and improperly functioning air conditioners can cause water damage behind walls and underneath floorboards. Defunct septic tanks can be even bigger problems. Examine suspicious areas for signs of leaks.

Bring in the Experts

To ensure that your flood proof plan is viable, contact a professional flood remediation service like ours as soon as possible. When it comes to leak detection, in fact, we utilize a number of state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that each and every prospective problem is resolved. Having done your best to protect your property, you can rest easy through the months and years ahead.

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