Sewell’s Point Leak and Flood Experts

As we all know, Sewell’s Point, Florida is named for Captain Henry E. Sewall. who built his original home on the tip of Sewall’s Point in 1889 ( now located in Indian RiverSide Park ). Imagine dealing with finding a plumbing leak in the 1880’s? Did you know world famous singer and pianist Tori Amos also hails from Sewell’s Point?

Quality leak detection, mold remediation and flood damage repair may seem like expensive propositions, but they shouldn’t cost you a song and a dance. Rapid Leak Detection has been helping local residents with their flood repair and mold problems since, well, since the last century! Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE
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24 / 7 EMERGENCY REPAIRS. We are available 24 / 7 in Sewell’s Point. If you have an emergency flood, leak or other plumbing repair problem, Call us any time day or night at 772.879.5066