Pipe Repair

Pipe Leak Repairs


Plumbing problems can vary widely in severity, from a leaky water valve to a broken dish washer. While flooding presents the greatest risk ( especially during hurricane season in Stuart, Fort Pierce and surrounding areas ) and requires immediate intervention, even a pinhole-sized pipe leak inflates your water bill and increases your home’s long-term risk of water damage and mold infestation. Rapid leak detection and repair can save you significant money and prevent irreversible damage to your personal property.

Based in Port St. Lucie, our plumbing company uses state-of-the-art technology that is capable of identifying any leak, whether inside or outside your home or building. We provide long-lasting leak repairs to damaged plumbing and, if necessary, can install brand new pipes to fix the problem with as little disruption to your life and home as possible.

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Our pipe leak repair services include FAST, emergency response to burst pipes and other flooding threats, and our technicians are experienced in flood damage repair. Whether the leak is small or large, we will have your home and pipes restored in as little time as possible.

Signs of Potential Pipe Leak
As pipes are placed predominately behind walls and under the ground, a leaky pipe can be very difficult to detect without the proper tools. The following conditions, however, may indicate a leaky pipe:
– Discolored walls or cracks in the foundation
– Water meter continues to move with water shut off
– Sudden increase in water bill
– Musty or moldy smell, especially near the walls, floors or drains
– Smell of sewage in the yard or home
– Continuously running toilet or dripping faucet

If you notice one or more of these conditions in your Stuart, Fort Pierce or Port St. Lucie home or workplace, call us today for a thorough inspection and FREE quote!