Leak detection (Leak finding/Locating)

Leak Detection Reduces Damage, Saves Money

Leaking pipes can be an inconvenience and even a health hazard in the home or business. Seepage that go undetected and continues can lead to mold growth which can cause respiratory problems and other illnesses, not to mention unsightly stains. They can also damage carpet and other décor items causing costly repairs. Locating the leak and making the repairs as rapidly as possible is critical to preventing further damage. Need immediate help? Call 772.879.5066

Signs of a Leak

Leaking does not always manifest itself as a wet spot on the wall, floor or ceiling although these indications are the most easily spotted. Outdoor leaks may be spotted when muddy areas or standing water forms over the leaking pipes. Dripping toilets and faucets may be noticed when the sound of running water continues even after the valves are closed. In some cases, leaks are first noticed when the water bill increases drastically indicating a higher level of usage. Home owners should monitor all the signs of potential problems in order to get the earliest indications of problems.

Locating the Leak

If you find a wet spot, the leak is likely at that point or below it. Water, under normal conditions, flows downward with the force of gravity. Exceptions to this are outdoor buried pipes where the ground becomes so saturated by the leak the moisture builds to the surface.Remove any materials necessary to see the pipe and look for moisture on the pipe or surrounding materials. Wipe away any moisture that is flowing along the outside of the pipe and look where the wetness reforms. Most leaks occur at or near junctions and fittings rather than in the walls of the pipe. Need immediate help locating the source? Call 772.879.5066

Bring in Some Help

Not all leaks are so easily detected. In some cases, detection of the problem may require the services of a professional like Rapid. We have the LDS equipment and knowledge necessary to locate leaks that are in difficult to reach places or hidden by other parts of the home structure. We even have the equipment necessary to isolate below ground issues occurring before the water reaches the surface. We will also provide you with suggestions for possible repairs which can help reduce the inconvenience of the leakage and the cost of the repairs.

Using state of the art hydroscopic sensors and spot detectors, Rapid Leak Detection service can often locate seepages that are smaller than are easily visible to the naked eye. While these small holes may not cause immediate problems they often continue to grown which can lead to real problems in the future.

Leak detection is often a cost savings rather than an additional expense. Rapid detection of a leak allows quicker repair and less damage. This can save the homeowner in repair and cleanup costs as well as reduce the possibility of mold growth which may necessitate more in depth cleaning processes.

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