Flood Damage? Things to Know and Do!

Flood Damage? Things to Know and Do!

Flood damage is often made worse when families try to restore their items on their own. Restoring personal belongings and preserving the memories that go along with these items requires professional assistance after the floodwaters recede. The following are some helpful tips for things you and your family should do immediately after flooding.

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After The Flood: Things You Can Do Yourself

Dealing with the aftermath of a flood is devastating. Seeing all of your personal belongings that signify special moments in your life in ruins is a difficult experience. Keeping the damage to a minimum can be successfully achieved if you take action as soon as it is safe to go back into your home.

• Call Your Insurance Company

Flood insurance may cover the repairs and costs associated with replacing your personal belongings. Calling your insurance company to discuss filing a claim after a flood is a step that you can complete while you are waiting to get back into your home.

• Determine the Extent of the Damage

Do a walk-through of your home after the flood waters recede to evaluate the damage. Make a detailed list of the items that have been effected.

• Contact a professional flood damage restoration company

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More damage can be done to items that were immersed in water if they are left in your home. However, moving these items without causing permanent damage can be a delicate process that must be left up to professionals. Call ( 772 ) 879-5066 for a flood remediation service provider as soon as possible to have salvageable items moved.

After Flood Damage: Things For Professionals To Do

While keeping the flood damage controlled can be done immediately following a flood, the restoration of personal belongings that have sustained flood damage is best left to a professional. Professional flood remediation services utilize high-tech equipment that offers impressive results.

• Detecting hidden building damage

Homes could be damaged in a way that is not apparent. Damage in the structure of a home leads to risk of injury, and professional flood remediation companies have state-of-the-art equipment that can find this damage.

• Reducing damage with drying equipment

Drying equipment can reduce the possibility of mold growth and other damage in a home.

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